In the world of a million personal presentations this one wants to look different. Scroll and see.
Hi there,
let's go for a walk and
I'll show you my work
The social network MyOlympus is running on Zimbra Social. Developed at Actum for the camera division of Olympus's company
Web: MyOlympus
I have got an opportunity
to create frontend part of website for
photographer's social network
Nice experince to work
on a page with 50 000+
registred and active users
The event company's presentation showed wordpress theme built from scratch. I have used _S which fits my needs perfectly and I will use it for all my future wordpress projects. I did not use graphic design for this project so even all the graphics on this site is what I have found or created.
Web: Miluju party
Finaly my own
wordpress theme
Single page javascript aplication inspired by LMGTFY. I have created it as a joke for my friend working at
Web: Zkus Seznam
Do you know
that is one
of few serious
Google competitors?
What about simple browser games?
Web: Super farmer
I am a fan of games, comics and TV series
I like unusual websites and paralax scrolling
but that is not a big surprise, right?
Behold there is more...
Are you fan of more serious lists?
Sure here it is.
Are you
interested in my work?
Do you want to hire me?
Don't be shy and contact me!
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